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In a world of monsters and magic, you play as Grey, a enigmatic monster hunter in search of tools to resolve their troubled past.

From rainy days in the highlands, or traversing a Vampire’s mansion, you explore this original world, meeting new people along the way. 

This game is an episodic fantasy game, with the first three chapters complete. Over

52000 words,  with the ability to make impactful choices on the plot.

With the right choices, you can befriend the characters, or not. Starting in Chapter 3, the player can begin to pursue Flynn and/or Akane romantically, with the eventual ability to have a relationship with either of them, or both on them in a polygamous route.

Rated 17+ for mature content. This work contains violence, mentions of blood, mature themes, and use of alcohol. Player discretion is advised.  

Music by Emily - RollForFantasy.com 

Music Created with "Music Maker Jam"

Character Sprites created with "Rinmaru Games" 



Blackwood-Chapter3-mac.zip 153 MB
Blackwood-Chapter3-pc.zip 171 MB

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